March 15, 2019

Know the Three Types of Turntables You Can Use

Some people certainly still have the vinyl record in their homes. The record will only work if there is a turntable that plays it. No wonder there are many people who are still looking for turntables for some vinyl record in their homes. in fact, many people are now looking for a stereo with turntable. This is because they want to get the best sound quality for their turntables.

Turntables themselves have many types. In fact, there are now automatic turntables that also have several types. There are three types of turntables that you can know. Usually, these three types are

1. Fully automatic
In this type of turntable, usually after you turn it on, the turntable will automatically be able to drop the vinyl record on the platter, then put the tonearm from the original to the top of the vinyl record. If it’s finished playing again, the tonearm can lift it back to its original place and can turn off the running electricity itself. So, if you accidentally fall asleep while playing the record, then worry because this turntable will stop automatically when the song is over.

2. Semi-automatic
On this turntable, you usually need to put the tonearm manually onto the vinyl record, but if the song has run out, usually the tonearm can automatically return to its original location or if not, then the tonearm is lifted off the vinyl record itself, then the turntable will stop.

3. Manual
Turntables with this model are clearly simple. You still have to put fragrant and lift it back with your own hands. However, you also don’t need to worry because there is a damper that prevents the needle from touching the vinyl record roughly.

To choose which turntables you will use, you need to know your needs in advance. Usually, many people still use manual turntables because they feel that the tool is simpler than other types of turntables.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson