March 1, 2019

Here Are Some Ways Hackers Hack Your Account Password

You will often hear that there are many accounts hacked by hackers because of their weak password settings. If this happens, then you need to be on guard so that the password you have on all accounts can be safe and no one enters the account. Use the 2 factor authentication as a security system in your account so that no one can easily enter the account log me once.

You need to know that hackers have different ways to get into someone’s account and find out their password. There are various ways that hackers do and you have to realize it.

– SQL Injection
Hacking techniques using SQL Injection according to is the easiest technique to do and lots of tools scattered on the internet, this technique attacks a website that has weaknesses in PHP programming, with a capital of some SQL Injection Tools and a little knowledge about how to use search engines from Google. can get an account easily, the great thing about this technique is that we can penetrate directly into a website’s database and download account data on the web.

– Social Engineering Attacks
Social engineering is the psychological manipulation of someone in taking action or uncovering confidential information. Social engineering is generally done via telephone or the Internet. Social engineering is one of the methods used by hackers to obtain information about the target, by requesting that information directly to the victim or other parties who have that information. Social engineering concentrates on the weakest chain of computer network systems, namely humans.

– Phishing attack
The workings of the phishing method is that we make a web page similar to the original, for example, the Facebook login image above, if you pay attention at a glance there is no difference with the official Facebook web display, but when viewed the URL of the page is not, but another the hacker. If you enter your e-mail and password on the phishing web, congratulations, your account has been hacked, so observe the website URL that you are trying to visit, do not be fooled by the appearance of the same web page.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson