August 31, 2018

Here are some rides in Dufan that have interesting concepts

If all this time Dufan is famous for various rides that always challenge adrenaline, such as arung jeram dufan. So, now harga promo dufan comes with a ride that is no less interesting. You will be taken to various time zones which will make you more curious .

Dufan has always been a tourist destination for many people. So, if you go there, not only feel the sensation of adrenaline that you feel, but also the curiosity that is always present. There are several rides in Dufan that will make you curious about the concepts they use.

1. Explore Time with Time Adventure
Not only giving a water adventure through Dufan Rafting or a tense sensation through Dufan Halilintar, you can also feel the exploration of time at Dufan. Realize the imagination of beloved children to experience a real-time adventure in Dufan. Time Adventures is ready to give the excitement of time travel during a weekend vacation with family. Approximately, what will you meet when you travel time at Dufan, huh? Don’t forget to feel this ride when you go there.

2. War in Galaxy with Galactica
This new ride in Dufan will give a super-exciting sensation of inter-galaxy warfare. Visitors will ride a special ride while equipped with a laser gun like the one in the Star Wars movie while shooting enemies that appear before their eyes. At the end of the trip, you can also see the score of the game displayed on the scoreboard.

3. Dream playground for children
Inviting children who are toddlers to try Halilintar Dufan or the popular Dufan Rafting will certainly feel impossible. Now don’t worry, because Dufan has a kids friendly new ride, Dream Playground. This area of ?900 square meters has a row of rides that are more kids friendly and suitable for children who have a height of less than 145 cm. The game is also varied, ranging from the trampoline, soft play toys, climbing, mini futsal, soft playground and many more.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson