March 6, 2019

Here Are Some Causes Why Your Computer Infected by Viruses

A computer or laptop is indeed an object that is always used by everyone for their various activities. In fact, there are some people who have more than one computer in their home. Regardless of the number of computers that are on your computer, what you should pay attention to is the care of the computer. There are many people who are wrong in using their computers and finally the computer is infected with a virus. For this reason, protection for computers must be done. By using Best free antivirus for pc, you can provide protection for your computer.

Actually, there are several reasons why computers are often infected with viruses. Some of the causes are

1. Frequently visit sites that are not trusted
It is no secret if there are a lot of cystuses that are illegal and contain lots of viruses. Therefore, if you visit the site, it can endanger your own laptop. Because the content that you download and you see there is usually already entered a code – a computer virus code such as a trojan virus. Please note that the Trojan is one of the deadliest computer viruses in the world. Therefore, you should avoid such sites.

2. Never scan the flashdisk
Do you scan every time you connect the flashdisk to the computer? If not, don’t be surprised if there are many viruses on your computer. The way it works is when you run a file that is on a flash disk. When the file starts, that’s when the virus works. Therefore, before you use a flashdisk, you have to scan it first with anti-virus. If the virus has attacked the flashdisk, you can learn how to remove the virus on the flashdisk with CMD.

3. Don’t use antivirus
Many people forget to use antiviurs on their computers. In fact, there are many viruses on your computer that you don’t realize. In addition to using the right antivirus, you also have to update the application as often as possible so that it performs more optimally.

Steven D Lawson

Steven D Lawson