Treasure  Hunters  Code  of  Ethics
Our club strives to improve the public image of detector
users and other amateur historical/collectors.  We therefore
abide by the following "Treasure Hunter's Code of Ethics":

1.  NEVER TRESPASS. Always obtain permission prior to entering private
property or mineral claims.

2.  FILL ALL HOLES, regardless how remote the location, and never dig in a
way that will damage or be damaging to property.

3.  NEVER DESTROY priceless historical or archaeological treasures.

4.  DO NOT build fires, camp or park in non-designated or restricted areas.

5.  LEAVE all gates and other accesses to land as found.

6.  NEVER LITTER. Always pack out what you take in, and remove all trash
dug in your search.

7.  DO NOT damage, deface, destroy, or vandalize any property (including
ghost towns and deserted structures). Never tamper with any equipment at
the site.

8.  RESPECT AND UPHOLD all finders, search and salvage agreements.

9.  ABIDE by all laws – national, state, county and local.

BY THE EXAMPLE YOU SET. Conduct yourself with courtesy
and consideration for others.