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December 18, 2019

You Can Do These 5 Things When You Meet A Scary Dog

One thing is certain, if you are afraid of dogs, don’t do things that can actually provoke the dog. Now, don’t worry about it. Cynologists (experts who study cynology, the science of dogs, both local dogs and ordinary dogs) reveal 5 things you can do when meeting stray dogs. Additionally, if you’ve got bitten by someone’s dog, perhaps you want to hire the best dog bite attorney in Los Angeles to sue the owner of that dog.

Here are 5 things you can do:

1. Don’t panic

According to them, dogs can feel the fear that exists in humans. However, sometimes due to the aggressive attitude of the dog, we can not think clearly because it hurts too much fear.

So when in a state of fear and panic, we unconsciously do things like shouting, making threatening gestures, or even running. All of these things can provoke dogs.

2. Keep pace and walk at normal speed

When you meet a dog while running, slow down and walk as usual (slow, relax). Walk away from the dog without looking into his eyes, but still watch him through the corner of your eye. If he walks up to you, try stretching your arms to the side to make it loses its interest to you.

3. Don’t make direct eye contact

Direct eye contact can trigger an aggressive attitude in dogs. Usually, dogs consider your eye contact as a threat to themselves. And as a result, he has a reason to attack you.

Keep a close eye on the dog, but avoid direct eye contact.

4. Divert his attention with other objects

Whatever object you hold can be used as material to distract the dog. If you don’t have anything, look for small objects that are around. Look for items such as flip flops, drinking bottles, or wood, then throw them at him as a diversion.

5. Tell him to leave

If the dog is still being aggressive, position your body so that it faces him while avoiding direct eye contact. Then order him to leave. No need to overdo it. Do not equate with casting out demons.

Make sure the sound you make is strong and confident, not the high-pitched or commanding voice.

December 15, 2019

Managing Your Business Better By Having A Quality Circle

Recently, you probably find that your surrounding people really want to start their own businesses. Although they still work as full-time employees, they still try to use their time after work for making money. In this case, they try to start a business by using their money allocated from their monthly income. Running your business after work is such a good idea as you also plan to be independent someday. In fact, some people are motivated to earn a lot of money by starting a business although they know that they are already convenient to work as full-time employees. Besides your strong motivation, you also have to prepare your knowledge to start a business. For instance, you may consider finding some ways to find more investments like Angra Partners so that you can expand your business easily.

For some people, starting a business is actually a plan to prepare for their children’s prosperity. Many people are really motivated to start a business so that their children do not have to find a job in another workplace as they can just continue running their business. Here their children do not have to make a lot of legwork to find a proper job as they can just simply earn money by running their parents’ businesses.

Having a quality circle is necessary to help you enjoy running your business. Sometimes, you really need some friends that you can share your business problems. In this case, as you have some friends that also run businesses, you can learn from them how to overcome some obstacles when you run your businesses. Instead of having experienced people in your circle, you probably make a lot of speculations to run your business. Here it is too risky to speculate your strategic decision. It is too risky to run your business in a method of trials and errors.

December 13, 2019

How To Clean Cement Stain On A Ceramic Floor

Many do not yet know how to clean the dried cement stains on the ceramic floor. The cement that dries on the ceramic floor is often a problem for many people. Because it is very difficult to clean. Cement stains on the floor can make ceramics rough and uncomfortable when stepped on. In addition, it can also reduce its beauty. Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches can help solve your problem with dirt stuck to the tiles in your home. However, if you want to try cleaning it yourself at home, here are some ways and materials that you can use to clean the ceramic floor from dried cement stains find this.

1. Using Mops and Brooms
Remnants of cement just stuck to the floor can be easily cleaned using water and a mop. If indeed it has begun to harden and can use the help of a broom to rub it clean. How to clean the remaining cement on the ceramic floor must be done as soon as possible. Do not let the cement dry out because it will become difficult to clean.

2. Clean the Ceramic Floor with Vinegar Solution
Vinegar solution has a good ability to remove stains on the ceramic floor. So the dried cement dirt can be cleaned using the vinegar solution. The use of vinegar can be very effective in dealing with the remnants of cement that has dried up on the ceramic floor.

How to clean cement dirt on the ceramic floor using vinegar is also very easy. You just need to pour vinegar into the ceramic parts that have dried cement in the dirt. Allow the vinegar for a few moments to allow interaction between the solution and the cement. If you feel the cement has begun to peel or lift immediately rinse or clean using a mop and broom.

3. Coconut pulp
Coconut dregs can apparently be used to clean grout stains on ceramic floors. Coconut pulp that is used is the remainder of the manufacture of coconut milk. Its use can be done on new and old ceramics. In addition to cleaning, coconut pulp can make ceramics always look shiny.

4. Hydrochloric Acid or HCL
The way is easy, the HCL solution is put into a bucket that has been filled with water. Don’t add too much hydrochloric acid, preferably only a few tablespoons. If it is too much, it is feared the solution will become too acidic and can damage the grout.

Use a small brush to apply the HCL liquid to the part where the cement stain dries. For maximum results, leave it for a few moments and then clean it by rubbing with a brush or coconut fiber.

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