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July 22, 2019

Memperlakukan Pelamar Penyandang Disabilitas Secara Khusus

Selain sebagai organisasi komersial, perusahaan juga memiliki tanggung jawab terhadap masyarakat disekitar. Salah satu tujuan diberikannya izin untuk berusaha yakni tersedianya lapangan pekerjaan bagi masyarakat sekitar, termasuk para penyandang disabilitas. Dengan demikian, semua memiliki kesempatan yang sama untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan yang layak. Meskipun, saat ini masih banyak perusahaan yang memiliki budaya dan lingkungan kerja yang terkesan eksklusif sehingga kesempatan bekerja bagi kelompok minoritas seperti para penyandang disabilitas. Namun, beberapa perusahaan sudah memulai membangun budaya dan lingkungan kerja yang inklusif, termasuk dengan cara memberikan jalur khusus bagi para penyandang disabilitas untuk mendapatkan kesempatan bekerja di perusahaan-perusahaan tersebut. Perusahaan-perusahaan yang berani memulai visi tersebut biasanya berstatus perusahaan milik negara atau perusahaan dengan skala yang besar.

Para penyandang disabilitas memiliki pilihan untuk menunjukkan keterbatasannya atau tidak. Seperti halnya orang-orang pada umumnya memilikihak untuk menyampaikan informasi pribadi mereka atau tidak. Tidak ada kewajiban hukum bagi seorang pegawai untuk menunjukkan keterbatasannya kecuali jika keterbasan tersebut berpengaruh terhadap kemampuan mereka untuk mengerjakan tugas-tugas di tempat kerja. Bahkan dalam kasus tertentu, keterbatan-keterbatasan tersebut boleh diketahui setelah mereka memiliki status sebagai pegawai di perusahaan. Jika seseorang menunjukkan keterbatasannya, kalian wajib memperlakukan mereka dengan hormat dan layak. Kalian sebaiknya fokus pada orangnya bukan keterbatasannya.

Banyak sekali hal-hal yang perlu dipersiapkan sebelum membangun lingkungan dan budaya kerja yang inklusif dan persiapan tersebut harus dilakukan dengan matang. Sehingga, ketika para penyandang disabilitas tersebut mendapatkan status sebagai pegawai, sarana dan prasarananya ramah sehingga mereka dapat bekerja dengan nyaman. Jangan sampai dikarenakan persiapan yang kurang matang justru mengecewakan pegawai para penyandang disabilitas.

Tujuan untuk merekrut pegawai yang memiliki keterbatasan khusus tersebut perlu diupayakan melalui cara-cara yang matang. Tentu ini akan menjadi sebuah tantangan bagi HRD untuk mampu mewujudkan visi perusahaan tersebut. Bahkan di beberapa perusahaan justru menciptakan program-program khusus untuk menciptakan budaya dan lingkungan inklusif tersebut karena bagaimanapun juga tugas tersebut bukanlah tugas yang mudah.

July 9, 2019

These Are The Preparation And Types Of Jet Ski That Beginners Must Know

The preparation before driving a jet ski is wearing waterproof pants, especially for those of you who don’t want their clothes wet. Other preparations are life jackets for your safety and comfort. So, for those of you who want to enjoy the waves and split the waves, then you need to ride the jet ski at high speed. On the other hand, if you also want to buy a new jet ski, perhaps you need to check out the Jet Skis for sale in orange county ca.


In addition, you must know the types of jet ski. Jet ski 1100 cc and 1200 cc basically have the same way of working. For example, so that the vehicle runs slowly, the gas on the left steering wheel, just enough to relax. To turn it off, you can turn off the engine from the key part of the jet ski which is at the bottom left of the steering wheel or just pass the speed of the gas.

The difference when riding the 1100 cc type when on the water is easily shaken when hit by the waves. Moreover, the type of 1100 cc body is smaller, but the steering is lighter. I was so light, many novice players who crashed rocky on the beach or fell into the water. Because it is no longer able to control the speed.

What if you want to buy jetski equipment? Jet ski equipment prices can reach tens of thousands of dollars. This fee does not include other facilities that are a means of supporting the appearance of a rider in the jet ski competition for example. That is why this maritime sport only belongs to a group of elites in the community. That hasn’t cost jet ski maintenance for hundreds of dollars per month.

Helmet athletes can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Whereas the price of gloves, shoes, gaiters, buoys, goggles, each of them ranges between fairly cheap prices. In addition, a race of clothing sets can reach hundreds of dollars. Jet ski clubs are now only available in several cities in your country. However, it seems that in the next few years the jet ski will grow and the demand will be even wider.

July 9, 2019

You Need To Know These For Becoming A Good Event Organizer

Event Organizer (EO) is a profession that continues to grow from ancient times to the present. At present more and more new EOs are emerging in various regions. However, not a few EO who also went bankrupt due to failure. In addition to having to have the quality and strength to continue to survive, the EO must also keep up with the rapid development, especially in the digital field. Things such as online marketing and Content Creation should be taken seriously in the digital era.


Here are tips to become an excellent EO in the digital era:

Make an Official Website

Currently, 99% of large companies have their own websites whose contents are information about the company starting from company profiles, management arrangements, activities, financial reports, portfolios and so on. By having your own website besides telling the public about your EO and how to contact you, it is also a plus point of your company’s position in the eyes of the community because it gives a professional impression.

Maximize Social Media

Create your official EO social media account on all existing channels, especially Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. The 3 social media channels have different characteristics besides having the same main function, namely to promote.

You can use Instagram to display photos about events that you create and also your company activities. With Instagram, your prospective clients can get an idea of how you work. And for clients who have collaborated there will also be a feeling of seeing more of your event photos posted on your official Instagram account.

For Facebook, it functions more broadly with Fanpage facilities. Apart from functioning as an official mini website, Facebook is also capable of something that needs to be read in a longer time than Instagram.

Then, YouTube is where you post your event videos. Currently, the development of Youtube is more rapid and its users continue to increase massively compared to other channels.


With current technological developments, from anywhere in the world you can communicate easily with anyone anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet network. Use this convenience to communicate well with your team or client. This simplifies and shortens the time especially in big cities that are full of congestion.

July 9, 2019

Some Basic Materials of Kayak Paddles

The best kayak paddle is a combination of lightweight, shape, and strength of materials. The same with the types of kayaks, such as the inflatable kayak, for example, the paddle for water sports like a kayak is designed with a specialty for pedaling with maximum stroke, so the paddle power becomes the primary choice. As for the touring paddle, it is not designed for severe strokes as in kayaking, so that the weight is very important to be considered, particularly for long tracks. Here are some of the basic materials of kayak paddles you need to know in order to choose the right one at orange county kayaks for sale.


– Wood

The paddle of wood helps us to sense the movement of the water well so it helps to produce soft and rhythmic strokes. The wood also which is still warm is so comfortable to be handheld in cold weather. Unfortunately, the wooden paddles need to be maintained, especially in terms of appearance. The selection of the right wood can produce paddles which are durable and long lasting. Most wooden paddles coated with fiberglass to improve strength and minimize maintenance.

– Fiberglass

This kind of paddles is light-weighted, strong, durable and maintenance-free. The shape of fiberglass allows it to be made of many kinds of blades. With the medium price, this type of paddle, until today, is still the most common choice for paddles used by many activists of kayaking.

– Carbon Fiber

Paddle with carbon fiber material is one of the lightest paddles. High technology in materials and manufacturing process produces a very lightweight. Price paddles are expensive, but if the weight becomes a problem for you, for example, when you are planning a trip a few days, then paddle this kind be the right choice. The durability of carbon fiber is still slightly below the fiberglass.

– Aluminum or Plastics

Paddle with aluminum handle and blade of plastic is a durable and economical choice, but the material is heavier than the other materials. In addition, aluminum cold on hand when the weather is cold. This type of paddles is particularly suitable as a backup and is the right choice for beginners and for recreational use. The blade is made of various types of plastics, including polyethylene, polypropylene, thermoplastic, and ABS.

July 8, 2019

Dangers of Dehydration During Pregnancy

For a pregnant woman, the need for water becomes greater than before pregnancy because at this time you are not the only one who needs fluids, but also the fetus. The fluid in the amniotic sac and the smooth production of breast milk are also thanks to the optimal fluid intake of the mother. In addition, water is used to form a placenta that serves to deliver nutrients to the fetus in order to grow healthy and obtain ideal blood cells.

If the fluid that comes out of the body through urine, sweat, and stool is not replaced with sufficient water intake, then our body can become dehydrated. This condition can invite a number of health risks, especially for pregnant women. Dehydration during pregnancy can cause serious complications, even the worst case is death. You can get the best treatment by visitng the Best Urgent Care in Macomb MI.


Here are some of the dangers of dehydration during pregnancy.

Too little amniotic fluid. Can reflect the health condition of the fetus that is not good. Amniotic water is needed to provide space for movement and pads to protect the fetus while in the womb. Little amniotic fluid can affect fetal growth in the womb and even miscarriage or death of the fetus in the womb.

Premature labor. Dehydration during pregnancy can trigger Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are uterine contractions that usually last for 1-2 minutes. Such contractions generally occur in the third trimester, but can also be in the second trimester. If you experience this kind of contraction repeatedly, that means there is a possibility of dehydration. You need to pay more attention to water consumption more optimally because dehydration in the third trimester can cause contractions that can trigger premature labor.

Very serious complications. In addition to the above conditions, pregnancy complications that can occur if you experience dehydration are low milk production, babies have birth defects, or babies have defects in the nervous system.

Death in infants or mothers. When dehydration is experienced is quite heavy.

To reduce the risk above, meet water needs and be aware of signs of dehydration. The best way to check whether you have a fluid deficiency or not is to pay attention to the color of urine. If the color is dark yellow means that you have not been drinking enough. Conversely, the more clear the color of urine means the more fluid supply of body fluids.

July 7, 2019

You Must Understand These Things Before Your Row A Boat

Rowing is a sport carried out in the water using a boat that has been determined by type and model. here I will explain about rowing with all the techniques and understanding. The combination of technical ability and good physical capacity can improve the performance of an athlete. Technical skills are important in all sports but for rowing, this is even more important in order to achieve better performance The most basic factor in learning rowing is understanding and mastering technical skill so that athletes can master and absorb the benefits of the training program. Apart from that, if you love kayaking, then you can check out the recommended Kayak Parts for Sale Online.


Exercises to increase strength, endurance, and other physiological aspects are of little use if an athlete cannot increase the speed of a boat. as described in the introduction, the benefits of training to increase the speed of a new boat will be possible if athletes already understand and can practice effective rowing techniques.


Which is the basis for rowing techniques, the goal of rowing is for athletes with their strength to launch boats on the water. On a rowboat, the power of motion is determined by the physical capacity of an athlete and the level of technical mastery. Because when pedaling an athlete moves forward and backward on a slide-able stand that creates positive and negative forces.

If we consider the formula + movement = force then the question is where does this force go?

When the new stroke starts, the period that moves towards the grain must stop and change direction, and at that time a number of forces are produced which are in the opposite direction to the direction of the movement of the boat. This negative force is transmitted to the boat via foot stretcher when it is struck, so the opposite happens, the period of the athlete’s body is tilted towards the bow (bow) so that the boat moves freely with minimal obstacles. the only way to reduce the negative effect is to put the paddle board into the water the right way.

July 7, 2019

Home Inspections Degree Courses for Special Inspections in Riverside CA

A home inspection for special inspection in Riverside CA specialty may require a diploma program or certificate. The special inspectors can apply for courses in home inspection programs toward AAS or Associate of Applied Science in real estate or construction management. You can also apply for the certificate and diploma program by online courses or classes. Classes provide information on proper heating and cooling, appliance inspection, structural surveys, and state inspection laws.

If you are interested to apply for courses in home inspections, here’s the complete list for home special inspections courses program you should know.

Home Inspections Courses for Special Inspections in Riverside CA

1. Wall Systems

Wall systems are one of the home inspection courses which including trusses, frames, and foundations. Special inspections in Riverside CA inspector will learn to identify construction issues, review the building layout, solve the problems identified using math in certain areas. That’s the reason why you should take the wall systems course in a training class.

2. Construction Components and Methods

The students of home inspection course used methods from light and residential construction in which applied in both exterior and interior study. The topics that are covered in these courses, such as masonry, blueprint, carpentry, building specifications, woodworking, construction management, power tools, and leveling equipment.

3. Concrete

Special inspections in Riverside CA inspector class emphasizes the conditions, foundations, and techniques related to concrete. You will learn about how to inspect conditions in concrete foundations, beams and slabs, footings, and also how to write a good report. It is important to write a good report on the findings for a further construction project.

That’s the home inspection courses for special inspections in Riverside. You should prepare the certificate or diploma degree if you want to start a career as a special inspector.

July 6, 2019

Register as An Agency for Special Inspection in Upland CA

Special inspections are conducted to verify and monitor the work during the construction process. Special inspections must be done by certified and professional special inspector. The special inspector is actually from a registered special inspector agency. Of course, the agency of special inspections in Upland CA should be registered and qualified with the Department of Buildings.

If you are living in Upland CA and want to register your own agency, here’s the list you should know about the registered agent.

How to Register An Agency for Special Inspection in Upland CA

1. Insurance
Special inspections in Upland CA must obtain insurance. Special inspections must have compensation insurance for workers and a waiver. Registered architects and engineers must have $500,000 in liability insurance for professional. The agencies whose not registered professional to performing inspections of the fire alarm tests, standpipe systems, emergency power systems, piping and fuel-oil storage, detention system installation and site storm drainage disposal.
2. Qualifications and attestation
Special inspections agencies should make sure that the employed special inspectors meet the qualification of the requirements. For the agencies, the requirements also needed which started on Chapter 17 of the Building Codes. The agencies must be registered with the Department of Buildings nearby.
3. Agencies’ Compositions and service of process
Special inspections in Upland LA agencies must have the primary director who will work full-time. They should also have about four alternative directors that must not be an employee. They provide several testing services, such as emergency power system, standpipe systems, fire alarm tests, sprinkler systems, fuel-oil storage, and piping. The agencies should have a director to check the requirements of the supervisor.
That’s the way to register an agency for Special Inspections in Upland CA. You should prepare the documents before you register your own agency.

July 6, 2019

The Important of Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Your Building

The building of a building consists of 3 important components, namely structure, architecture and mechanical and electrical.
All three of them are interrelated. If the structure emphasizes strength, architects prioritize beauty, so mechanics and electricity put forward the function.
No matter how strong a building and as beautiful as a building, if it is not supported by mechanical and electrical systems, the building has no function and even some houses have good mechanical and electrical systems.
To find out if your building has a standard mechanical and electrical system, you can contact the Special Inspections in Irvine CA.
Submit checks for mechanical and electrical systems to people who understand to make the functions of the system work properly.


Thus mechanical and electrical systems are one of the most important components.
So the point is, a building that has been designed by architects must eventually be used, inhabited and enjoyed.
For that, a thirst building is equipped with infrastructure that is suitable for the needs of the building itself, such as offices, hospitals, banks, airports, and others.
The mechanical and electrical system of a building is very dependent on the purpose of a building being built.
Every office building has a mechanical and electrical system that is different from a hospital building, or an airport, a power plant or a factory.
But in principle, there are various similarities.

In general, a system that is often used in a building, including:
– Plumbing System
– Fire Extinguisher System
– Vertical transportation system
– Electrical Systems
– Lightning Protection System
– Fire Alarm System
– Telephone system (PABX)
– Sound system
– Data system
– CCTV system
– BAS (Building Automatic system), this system is used to control a system mentioned above), especially turning on and off the AC (AHU & fan) or electric panel automatically.
But this system is sometimes still rarely used in most buildings.

July 5, 2019

These Are Ways To Make Concrete Dries Faster

Concrete is one of the building materials that is easily found in many countries. The dimensions of the concrete size are bigger than the bricks. As a result, you need to buy less concrete than bricks. Making concrete itself is also easier and the compressive power is also strong. The advantages of other concrete are the resistance to hot temperatures and are usually used as materials for the construction of heavy construction such as bridges to high-rise buildings. Aside from that, you may hire the Special Inspections in Redlands CA if you want to find flaws in your concrete works.


For those of you who want to make your own concrete for your home or other building needs, you can read the following tips so that the resulting concrete dries quickly:

Use Concrete Hardener Materials

There are several additional products that can make the concrete made harden immediately. Some of these materials are as follows:

Call flash.

Plasticizer is needed

If the ingredients above can reduce cracks, the plasticizer can speed up the drying process because it can reduce the moisture content in the concrete. The dosage used for this material is 130-265 ml of plasticizer per 100 kg of cement. There are lots of plasticizer products that you can find in the country.

Notice the Concrete Stir

Besides focusing on concrete cracks, don’t forget to pay attention to the concrete mixture itself. good concrete must have high cohesion, especially in plastic conditions. Adjust the material you use so that the resulting concrete dries quickly and is waterproof and has color. How to stir concrete material starts when the stirring engine is rotated, you enter the water, then continue with the aggregate. The aggregate itself is a material of sand and gravel and then input cement above the aggregate. After that, input a little water and the stirring time should be no less than 3 minutes.

July 5, 2019

Benefits of Menthol Oil for Your Healthy Skin and Hair

Menthol oil is one type of essential oil that has a lot of benefits. It can be used for medical purposes, aromatherapy, culinary, to body care. No wonder if this product is found in many kinds of beauty products. Well, you who want to experience the benefits of tinh dau bac ha oil, you can immediately visit our website. Here are the benefits of menthol oil and how to use it for healthy skin and hair.


– Overcoming Chapped Dry Lips

You may often realize how often menthol is used as a mixture in lip balm. This use is not just to give just the aroma and taste to the lip balm. Menthol has the ability to calm, cool and cure cracked lips. Not only that, but this oil can also facilitate blood circulation to the lips so you can get natural red lips. You can feel this benefit by making DIY lip balm using 3 tablespoons of cocoa butter, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 12 drops of menthol essential oil. Mix until evenly distributed, then apply to the lips every needed.

– Fight Oily Skin

Although it can be used on any skin type, menthol oil will be very useful for those of you who have oily or combination facial skin. Menthol contains astringent which functions to shrink pores and reduce excess sebum production on the skin. To use it, you can pour menthol oil on a cotton ball, then gently wipe the entire face. After that, continue with the use of moisturizers and other skin care. You can also feel these benefits by using it as a mask. The trick is dilute 5 ml of menthol oil and mix with grated cucumber and green clay. Stir until evenly distributed and use on the face 2 times a week.

– Hair Growth Stimulation

Began to realize the addition of the number of hairs that fall out? It’s time to start treating hair using menthol oil. Menthol oil can increase blood flow to the scalp and accelerate hair growth. To feel this effect, you can simply mix 5 drops of menthol oil with 90 ml of coconut oil, then massage this mixture on the skin of the head for 3 minutes. After being well distributed on the scalp, let stand for 1-2 hours before rinsing using shampoo until clean.

July 4, 2019

Sky Everton Suites Good Place To Live

Interest in Sky Everton suites is still high and a number of decent designers make them accessible to meet market needs. New townhouses accompany those who are better, units and benefits and they are not equal in imagination. Some are superior to others, but there are things or highlights that you can use to ensure that the townhouse you are interested in is very much worth the money you will spend on it.

1. Good area

For many people, the Sky Everton area looks like proseism but it is something that is still significant. If you look briefly at your apartment, at that time you cannot ignore the area. The area must work as far as family, cultural, vocation, and leisure needs. Basically, a good apartment suite will be located in an area that you value and the most profitable for you.


2. Waste

Sky Everton is one of the things that makes a condominium appreciated or an ordinary lodging unit. The waste unit generally recognizes faster and safeguards its value; so you realize that you have made a wise interest in a decent luxury apartment suite. When checking your choices, make sure you think about arrangement, highlights in and even structural materials used only to ensure the quality you get.

3. Protection

The Sky Everton apartment suite is part of a larger property, implying that there will be several units in one box. However, this does not reduce your protection at all. Great engineers are attentive, even when the divider is divided between units by placing soundproof dividers and insightful formats that ensure each unit values ??the proper dimensions of protection. When looking for the best unit, think about the actions that have been set to reduce the noise, what the watch cares about and every point of view that addresses protection. This can really have an effect on actually utilizing your apartment suite.

4. Luxury of the present

At present, the Sky Everton enhancements pass through the luxurious sitting room and engine. Today’s decent apartment packages will have other significant luxuries, for example, a fully prepared health focus, web, protected stops, greenhouses, swimming pools and others that really make life enjoyable and profitable. Some properties are very well planned so that they accompany a shopping zone that is smaller than normal for the comfort of its occupants. Find out what your condominium has brought to the table you visited so far so that civilization can be accessed.

5. Solid security

Sky Everton is one of the most important and you must have a sense of security when inside or away from the property. New townhouses now have everything handled from the reconnaissance camera frame to the innovative entrance key frame and electric wall. Regardless of whether the property is not gated, it should have reliable security answers for all residents. You prefer not to overlook the dimensions of property security on the grounds that the security offered can give you a restless night and restless days. A decent condo must give you a feeling of true calm insofar as your well-being and security are running.

July 4, 2019

Downgrading Your Bait For Bigger Fish

While you get older, you feel like you have fewer friends. They are gone from you one by one whereas you think that it is actually possible to seriously take the time to meet. The problem is that to set the schedule is very difficult. It is very difficult to find some friends that are capable of accompanying you to spend your weekends frequently. However, if you can some friends that used to spend their weekend doing their hobby like fishing, you may find that possibility. In fact, fishing can be such an agenda which is hard to miss for those that really like fishing. That is okay although you have to buy some parts of equipment such as fishing rod rack again.


This is why some of your friends even join in a community in which they can find the excitement of doing their hobby with the companions of their friends. If you think that you are comfortable to join in a community, it is likely even to be such a strategic decision to take. By this way, you can always have friends that accompany you to enjoy doing your hobby together.

On the other hand, it is not few that even feel inconvenient to join a community. They tend to feel comfortable to enjoy their hobby with some people that are really close to them. If they are about to go fishing, they tend to invite some of their family members that also like fishing.

If you look up some references regarding fishing tips and techniques, you are going to feel like that you are not really expert. For instance, if you think that there are a lot of fish surrounding your bite but they just eat half of it, you are recommended to downgrade the size of your bite to eventually catch the fish.

July 3, 2019

The Lightweight Steel Roof Truss Can Be The Right Choice For Your House

Lightweight steel roof truss construction can be used as an alternative in the midst of still many people using other materials, such as wood and concrete. However, if you look at wood material that is threatened to be destroyed by age, especially the price of this material skyrocketed along with the increase in demand that is not matched by sufficient stock, this material is the most appropriate choice for roofing, or other buildings such as futsal courts, shop houses, factories to warehouse. Apart from that, you may need to call the best Special Inspections in Ontario CA if you wish to evaluate the quality of your steel construction result.


Mild Steel, A Special Material

Classic houses may still use a lot of wood material, but in modern times, the concept of a minimalist house began to be built, along with warehouses, shop houses, fields, and others. Along with that, the use of wood is no longer relevant.

Steel, as a substitute material, has special characteristics that wood materials do not have. Steel has a smooth surface and its thickness is much thinner. Even so, the thinness of steel still shows the same strength as conventional steel, even stronger than wood.

In terms of strength, this type of building material has a high attractiveness, which is 550 MPa, while conventional steel has a tensile strength of about 300 MPa. When viewed in terms of thickness, mild steel is indeed very thin. On the market only, mild steel only ranges from 0.4 mm to 1.0 mm.

Excess Light Steel Roof

Steel is resistant to termite attacks and it only needs minimal maintenance. Wood, on the other hand, is not termite resistant and requires extra care. Not only that, but this building material is also resistant to all weather conditions, both hot, cold or rainy. Furthermore, corrosion will not occur even though it is installed in salt-watered coastal areas.

Steel has a high ductility capability in the form of an integrated system so that it can prevent the sudden collapse of buildings if there is a great shock like during an earthquake. This building material also has protection against fire so that it can withstand the spread of fire during a fire.

July 2, 2019

Ways to Make Adolescents Not Easily Affected by Drugs

It is better for us to become more aware of how dangerous drugs and drugs are for the community. Not only damages health, but drugs can also damage the mental and future of the young generation. The problem is, the number of drug users among adolescents tends to increase. This is usually caused by the nature of teenagers who want years and are interested in trial and error. In fact, once trying drugs, it will be very difficult to escape from this drug trap. If you want to free from drugs, you can visit the substance abuse treatment center.

The following are some steps that can be taken so that adolescents are not susceptible to drugs:

– More selective in getting along
The incorrect association is often the main trigger for adolescents eventually getting caught in drugs. If our friends start using it, it’s good that we firmly reject it and start choosing not to be with them often. Remember, drug users also have the potential to deal with the police so that it is better if we are more selective in getting along.

– Never try
The biggest mistake of teenagers or young people to finally get caught in drugs is to be curious and finally try drugs. In fact, once you try it, you will continue to want to enjoy drugs and eventually become addicted.

– Long term thinking
Even though it is still a teenager, it does not mean we do not think long or not think about the future. Realize how big the effects of drugs are on physical, mental, and daily life. Many people actually have achievements and a future that looks brilliant but ultimately has to end up with a very sad drug. In fact, many cases where drug users end up in the criminal world. We certainly don’t want this to happen, right?

– Have a positive hobby
By having a positive hobby such as sports, music, hiking, etc., then we will also be in the environment with positive people. Not only that, but we will also be preoccupied with things that are positive so that we will not be interested in using drugs.

July 1, 2019

Avoid Stress At Retirement

Retirement is a time of drastic change experienced in everyone’s life. Usually, people will spend 4 decades in a work environment. The average age of retirement ranges from age 62-65 years, depending on where the pension is retained in the office. This is in accordance with a survey of a survey agency. The period of work produces routines and stability along with the various pressures of work and also the boredom experienced by the routine. Another case with the life of retirement associated with the financial condition and lifestyle that will be very much different. To avoid stress, you can join assisted living sioux city.


In addition, here are some things you can prepare for retirement to avoid saturation and stress after retirement:

– Activity plan

For some people, retirement is a long-awaited period because it can be free to move without the office routine. But for others, freedom can mean boredom and feel no longer needed. Begin to plan the activities you want to do later so that retirement is fun, meaningful and productive.

– Train the brain

Mentally training is as important as your physical train. Playing cards, reading, watching football, are activities that can keep your brain healthy and the sharpness of your mind and memory.

– Socializing

Joining a religious community can create a calming soul while providing opportunities to gather and discuss with others. Research proves that social relationships are also useful in preventing depression. Each person has his or her own dream of retirement. But more important is to realize the purpose and meaning of life.

– Think of Your Hobby

Some people think that retirement will bring tedious circumstances because they do not work and have lots of free time. Retirement does not mean that you have to stop doing work or activity entirely. Some people take advantage of this retirement to do various sports or hobbies such as yoga, dancing, diving (snorkeling or scuba diving), golf, mountain climbing or cycling. To add a motivating boost, you can engage in various arts activities or learn a foreign language, especially for those of you who are interested in spending overseas retirement at a low cost of living.