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January 26, 2019

Amber Park Available Prices PSF You Need to Know

New Amber Park is a new launch condo as a collective sale, where the site was sold to CDL development for $906.7 million. The sale price of $906.7 million that works out to land cost. The cost is about $1515 per square feet per plot area ratio on the gross floor area. The new condo will be announced on the sales day like any other new launches. The indicating pricing usually will be announced earlier. If you’re interested to buy a new condo, there are new launches condo available prices per square foot you need to know.

Amber Park Available Prices PSF You Need to Know

1. Construction Costs

The cost of constructing the condos has influenced the price at the launch date of the condoms will be sold. The companies have become so efficient of construction costs for each building per square foot don’t vary so much.

2. Cost of Land

The price of a new condo on the launch date is the price which the land was acquired for the development. The cost of land extends across the size that the cost per square foot is established. It means that land with fewer condos may have a higher land per square foot than another one with more condos built on it.

3. Developer Profit and Expenses

The cost of building a condominium and the cost of land will give you the cost of the project base. 30% of a fraction of that base cost will be added to cover the additional expenses, like financing costs and conveyance fees during the land development. It also covers the developer’s profit margin. The total of the base cost an additional 30% estimated of the new condo price on the launch date.

That’s all about available prices per square foot of the new launch condos. It can be a good choice for your future investments.

Know More About Online Advertising

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In the online marketing, we can know the web banner. Do you know about the web banner? Well, the web banners are generally divided into: keyword banner and random banner, and it consists of two types of web transactions which can be described as the followings:

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The advantages of web banner:

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